Forever Delayed

Forever Delayed

Is the title of a Manics greatest hits album (go and youtube it right now!). It’s also the ETA on my next blog post. My tablet died (can’t think why – that thing cost me all of £59.99) so I tried to start drafting a post on my phone. I can’t describe how utterly abysmal the combination of my phone and WordPress is, but it’d be quicker and more effective to blink a message in Morse code to an illiterate sociopath who, after transcribing a garbled version of my words, then proceeded to feed the document into a shredder. So I’ll *try* and do some proper posts before I head home in two weeks but it might not happen..(By which point they’ll of little interest to anyone except me!). Very briefly, I spent not quite 2 weeks in Chile, a few days in La Paz then arrived in Peru sort of via the back door. I’m working my way up through some lesser touristed spots in the highlands but had a random urge to detour a little bit into the ‘high jungle’, which sounds quite exciting.Probably a good place to be as the Peruvian coast is currently suffering from devastating El Nino related floods. So that’s it for now, I’ve got a nightbus to catch…


2 thoughts on “Forever Delayed

  1. Arrg perish the thought! There’s alot less of them about now not surprisingly…also too much hassle to upload/edit photos that way..(I’m sure I can think of a few more excuses…)


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