It’s oh so quiet..

It’s oh so quiet.., on this blog. Sorry about that. Must update the blog..must update the blog. My last entry (Tokyo) was written from Taipei – which took up about half the waking hours of the one day and night I spent there.

These are the *delights*  that I saw when I wasn’t doing the blog:

Oh yeah and then my camera broke, weirdly – like it knew..So I was stuck with just my rubbish phone photos after that:

I went in search of dinner at the Shilin nightmarket..

And the next morning in the rain I raced around and saw very briefly some of the more off the beaten track sights of the city:

Not really, I went to the two most obvious places of course. Above is the Longshan buddhist temple, apparently the most famous temple in Taiwan. I got there in time to see the morning ceremony (only due to the relentless noise of other hostel dorm mates launching me out of bed prematurely..). But it was a spine tingling feeling to hear the chanting and praying.

Then on to the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall:
I haven’t finished googling CSK so I’m not going to attempt one of my rants as I don’t know anything about him or the history of Taiwan. Looks like he was probably a baddie though. Although Taiwan now is a democracy now, unlike Proper China (that is what PRC stands for, isn’t it??). You can rely on me for in depth political analysis.
I’d left my big rucksack in a locker at the main station the day before rather than lug it with me to the hostel and I’d been paranoid about never finding the locker again. However in the end I managed to find it ok but couldn’t open it… 😡
It swallowed my money but refused to unlock. Having a flight to Hong Kong to catch, I contemplated liberating myself from it permanently and just fleeing but in the end a member of staff turned up with the masterkey and I and the rucksack both made it to the airport. The excitement literally never even starts.

In Hong Kong I stayed in Chungking Mansions. It’s a notorious dive full of cheap accommodation. Great! Ending the trip in the style to which I’ve become accustomed.
I had dinner with P (fellow traveller on the Pamir Highway) – she’s from Hong Kong so we went to the kind of restaurant that’s generally out of bounds to tourists on account of insurmountable language barriers. I fought a valiant battle with chopsticks and some on the bone chicken. Though to be honest the chicken won.

My flight home was via Moscow; Aeroflot lived up to their reputation and left my wretched rucksack there (it was eventually delivered to the door of my Mum and Dad’s house by courier at 9pm on Christmas day!).

Back in England I felt fraudulent whenever I thought about writing this overdue wanderetta update as half my readers were sitting in the living room with me, and as each day of the pyjama-clad, sprout and panettone guzzling winterval passed, the unblogged couple of weeks after Tokyo started to seem less and less like they belonged to my own memory. But I guess they do, so I promise I’l try and rustle something up now. Well, soon! And in the meantime, here’s a micro-soundtrack from the Cure in honour of the (long gone) post-Christmas inbetween days..


3 thoughts on “It’s oh so quiet..

  1. Hi Ju,

    Did you write (or upload) this in B.A. (as we Kool Kids call it)?

    Hope you managed to buy a new camera.
    And that you are finding wifi … 🙂
    And that it’s warmer there than here!


  2. Well think I’ve already preempted this but yes, uploaded in BA (which even kooler kids than I know as BsAs or Baires 🙂 apparently)! Plenty of WiFi, bought a camera at airport which so far I’m pretty happy with, and it is way too hot here – I’m melting and longing for winter weather! Clearly something wrong with me 😉


    1. hmm…perhaps work on your tan while you have a chance. Doesn’t it get cold in Patagonia? Here is some vocab if you meet any Welsh-speaking Patagonians down there…

      “oer” (“oyer”) – cold
      “poeth” (“poyth”) – hot
      “mae’n oer heddiw” (“mine oyer hethy-you”)
      “peint o gwrw plis” (“paint o goo-roo plees”) – “pint of beer please”.

      I think that should cover most occasions! 🙂


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