The rain in Romania..

.. stays mostly here, on me, all the time.
But just to rewind to the beginning – this adventure begins in the glamorous and exciting surrounds of a Ryanair bag drop, as for once I’d actually paid to check something in:
bag drop

Then cheesy goodbyes with the parents:dsc05760

Now after being here for two days, my profound insights are: relentless rain and grey skies really bring out the communist in post-communist – this weather seems perfectly designed for the crumbling blocks of Bucharest. (No photos yet of Ceacesucu’s glorious/awful wedding cake of a building, the Parliamentary Palace – it was raining too hard to risk the camera..). Also, plenty  of bookshops, and lots of very tempting store front bakeries. (Romanian is familiar enough that you can easily figure out much of it, but dissimilar enough to still allow for a few mystery meal outcomes).

Appetising local produce:
and less appetising!:

Large grey buildings and rain:

I’ve also found out today that my flight from Kiev to Aktau (Kazakhstan) next Wednesday has just been cancelled. Thanks Ukraine International Airlines! (Chosen in the first place as they seemed marginally less dubious than the alternative, Scat airlines…). So tomorrow will mean some route-rethinking – I had planned to make my way through Moldova then onto Ukraine to take that flight, but it’s all up in the air now (or rather, it isn’t :/ ).



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