I’m Juliet and this is a blog about my wanderings. Or it will be, if I can ever master the excruciatingly painful combination of a (very) cheap tablet (and a Windows one no less – yes I know!), free hotel wi-fi, and technical idiocy (my own clearly – I’ve never blogged before). Right now I’m in Bucharest (as not seen in the picture above which is in fact Mongolia), 24 hours in to what should be a 6 monthish trip (in two chunks) away from work and around the world (sort of).


Minimal touristy things  achieved today – instead I’ve been having an authentic experience of local life, by going to random parts of town searching for stuff I was in too much of a rush to buy before I left the UK. (Above, behold the beauty of the Basarab branch of Media Galaxy where I perused tablet peripherals!).


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